Judi Speaks

Judi is an interactive trainer, speaker and workshop facilitator who utilizes her 15+ years of experience as a sales & marketing executive and entrepreneur to educate, equip and ignite her audience to succeed. Judi's topics are applicable from the marketplace to ministry.  Book Judi to speak at your next event. Click here for  Corporate Training Topics or Motivational Speaking Topics


empowering the greatest asset ever created, You!

Judi Writes

Judi is a published author, lifestyle blogger, and freelance writer who creates content in a brand prescribed voice for lifestyle and entrepreneurial focused outlets. Click here if you  Need Content?

Ministry & Purpose Pursuit

Judi's message is applicable from the marketplace to ministry. Judi teaches you via the Word of God how to utilize biblical based principles to become your best authentic self, and achieve your God ordained purpose driven goals. Click here for Speaking topics

JMI Overview

Reinvent You Movement #RYM

Judi guides you in rediscovering, reconnecting and reinventing you via her workshops, strategy sessions and coaching courses. Isn't it time to Reinvent You? Join the movement  #RYM

Welcome to JMI! My name is Judi Mason. I am the CEO of  Judi Mason, LLC (JMI) & Founder, The Reinvent You Movement. As an author, freelance writer, blogger and speaker, I help you to create and live your abundant life, NOW. (John 10:10)

As the founder of the Reinvent You Movement, I use multiple platforms from the marketplace to ministry, to share  my message of faith, purpose and action. Igniting  individuals to become their best authentic self; and enable businesses to get back to the basics and succeed.

I've helped countless individuals via my books, speaking engagements and coaching courses create the life, relationships and businesses they love. Isn't it time for the greatest asset known as YOU to shine through?