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Video excerpts from Brand You workshop 

  It's time to Reinvent YOU!

A reinvention begins when you say " YES, I am ready to do the work and transistion from my Career to my Calling "

The Reinvent You Movement (#RYM) empowers individuals with the strategies, resources, inspiration and community they need to successfully embrace, pursue and monetize (if applicable) their purpose-driven call. 

Since founding The Reinvent You Movement in 2012, Judi has used her expertise as an author, entrepreneur, strategist, and former corporate sales/marketing executive to help countless women (men) succeed. She has successfully connected scores of individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs, empowering them to birth their reinvention. Also, she has created business solutions for entrepreneurial re-inventors which increased their overall profit margin, brand recognition, and customer base.

The Reinvent You Movement provides resources, support, and a creative environment to help individuals succeed on their reinvention journey.

By meeting individuals where they are and providing a bridge to help them not only reach their goals but discover their true authentic self; The Reinvent You Movement is a revelatory life changing experience.

Judi’s passion, candor, and transparency is the catalyst which fuels the Reinvent You Movement.  She is dedicated to empowering individuals to win in life, walk in their purposeful greatness and become the fearless and fabulous woman (man) they were destined to be!