Master Class:

An 8-hour business development strategy intensive workshop for new and existingentrepreneurs. In this intimate setting, participants will gain one on one support to help their businesses grow.  

Dates: October 21, 2017- $399/registration fee

For more information contact: Sydney 404.585.7637 or email

Brand You Brunch:

A personal development plan workshop for individuals who are ready to maximize their potential and create winning opportunities.

Date: September 23, 2017 10AM-2PM - $75




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Judi Mason Presents

Straight Talk ~No Drama

Bridging the Gap in Christian Relationships

It's time to bring men and women together to discuss why Christians aren't dating and/or marrying Christians.  Let's expose the real challenges of Christian dating and find solutions for the two to connect

How can we bridge this gap and bring back unity?

In this session, we will have open, honest and raw dialogue in an effort to gain understanding and create solutions, so that we can move forward in an effort to come together and become one.

If we want Real Love, it's time for Straight Talk, No Drama.

Dates: November 4, 2017 Time/location TBD